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Embrace SAVVYMARINER SaaS (Software as a Service) technology in digitalization and smarter management of your vessel operations.

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Data Science for Efficiency

Vessel operators who have updated and digitized their systems were able to increase their fuel efficiency by analyzing vessels within their fleet. Using data science, vessel operators are able to manage vessel speeds to increase their fleet’s fuel efficiency and help prevent delays at port. It is pertinent to transform your fleet into digitalization to address all the present challenges faced by lack of transparent and centralized information across the fleet.

How SAVVYMARINER MARINE ERP overcomes the current major challenges faced by Shipping Industry?

Data Communications between ship and shore

Data Transfer Methodology

Even with constantly improved data communication available on the ships, there are still limited bandwidth. This means that ships cannot stay online, and a lot of data communication must be transmitted in packages.


The ships are constantly requesting spare parts, inventory, food and other things from the office with the expectation that they will be delivered as requested.

SAVVYMARINER handles the communication between ship and office in both online and offline mode. It also ensures that on a offline mode, in case a package is not transferred correctly, the system data transfer module will identify the problem and resend the package automatically to restore information. Due to the high cost of data communication, it uses 1028 bit encryption and superior compression technique to keep the package size very small. Without no human intervention the data gets transferred seamlessly from ship to shore and from shore to the ship.